Five Times Wins Slots

If you’re searching for a big slot to play, Five Times Wins isn’t it. However, it does pack in some thrills, as you’ll see, so check out the game here and find out what you make of it. We’ve already put it through its paces.

What did we make of the reels and lines?

There are just three reels in play here, although each of them has three icons on it. This gives a 3 x 3 format that makes room for three lines, each horizontal in nature and one above the other.

You can start with a penny per line

There are lots of other options, including playing with up to three coins on each of the paylines. The biggest coin value is $5, so you can bet plenty of cash on the game if your budget has room for it. We’d suggest a lower bet to make sure you cover all three lines if you need to.

There is one symbol that’s worth more than everything else here

The slot features a game logo, and this has 5x in the center of an oval. This is a wild icon and yes, it does have a 5x multiplier involved as well. If it lands along with other symbols to create a prize, you’ll get five times the usual amount.

The wild also brings you a chance to score the largest prize in the game. This is worth 5,000 coins but is only available for landing three wilds on a line you bet three coins on.

What about some bonus features for Five Times Wins?

Unfortunately, there are no bonuses included in this slot game. The focus here is on that wild symbol and whether it can land along with other symbols to produce prizes. If this occurs, you’ll get the chance to pick up 5x the usual prize amount.

Will Five Times Wins be five times as good as you thought?

Three-reel games can be a little dull at times, but this game is better than expected. And it all comes down to that multiplier wild. Can you land it in the right position to pay dividends?